September 8th, 2007

WP插件:Social Bookmark Links

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Social Bookmark Links WordPress Plugin Instructions

Plugin updated 10/20/06 – Instructions below for version 0.5.x.

Install & Configure
1) Download the plugin.

2) Upload the social-bookmark.php file into your WordPress plugins directory.

3) Activate it via the Plugins area in the admin area.

4) Put this code where you want the social bookmark links to show up:
<? if (function_exists(‘social_bookmark’)) { social_bookmark(); } ?>
!!! It must be in the post loop. Above the comments is a great spot. This will not work in the sidebar.

5) On the Options page in the admin, there is a ‘Social Bookmark Creator’ submenu. Select that and setup any options.

List Example:
Drop Down Menu Example:

6) Enjoy!


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