October 13th, 2007

Snap Shots Plugin

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Snap Shots Plugin (formerly Snap Preview Anywhere Plugin)


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  • Generates perfectly valid XHTML code
  • All options can be set via WP-Admin.
  • Options can be changed at anytime to customize the preview.
  • The plugin can automatically add the code to the footer



  1. Signup for Snap Shots and generate the code. In the code you will find a 32-digit parameter that follows key=. This will be needed for configuring the display.
  2. Download Snap Shots™ Plugin.
  3. Extract the contents of ald-spa.zip to wp-content/plugins/ folder. You should get a folder called ald-spa.
  4. Activate the Plugin in WP-Admin.
  5. Goto Options > Snap Shots to configure. If you are upgrading from an earlier version, it is recommended that you click Default Options so as to clean up any old options. Remember to backup your key first!
  6. You can configure the plugin to automatically add the code to wp_footer() (This needs to be present in your theme). Alternatively add <?php do_action('echo_spa'); ?> just before the </body>.

The Function:


The following options can be set through Options > Snap Shots:

  • Snap Shots Key: This is a required parameter. You need to get your key for Snap Shots by signing up and generating the code. In the code you will find a 32-digit parameter that follows key=. This has to be entered into the Snap Shots Key field. The plugin will give you a message in case this is empty.
  • Display Snap Searchbox below the thumbnail: Select if you want to display the small box at the bottom of the thumbnail. (Default selected)
  • Display Preview for all links: Select if you want a thumbnail to display when hovering over all links. (Default selected)
  • Display Preview for internal links: Select if you want a thumbnail to display when hovering over internal links. Above option needs to be selected for this to work. (Default unselected)
  • Automatically add the code to your footer: Select if you want the code to be added to the footer automatically. (Default selected)
  • Link Icon Settings: Add an Icon to indicate link has Snap Shots.
  • Link Icon Behavior: Both (default) causes the bubble to pop up when cursor is over both link and icon. Icon causes the bubble to popup when the cursor is over the icon only.
  • Only Display PreviewShots: Selecting this will display PreviewShots (formerly Snap Preview Anywhere) for automatically triggered Snap Shots.
  • Theme: Select between eight different themes for the Snap Shots Bubble.
  • Advanced Settings:
    • Allow your site visitor to turn Snap Shots ON/OFF: This will add the iframe that will let visitors to opt to turn the display ON or OFF. This breaks XHTML 1.1 and is hence I have set the Default as unselected.
    • Custom Logo: Only turn this option if you have already added your logo the Snap’s settings.


If you want to manually insert the code you can add <?php do_action('echo_spa'); ?> just before the </body>.

Note: Using do_action in the above code ensures that your blog won’t break even if you deactivate the plugin.

I have also made available the function ald_spa() which has a return value instead of a echo. You can use it as follows:

$str = ald_spa();
echo $str;

Lastly, you can reset to default options by clicking on Default Options (Remember to save the key before you do so). I recommend you do this once during upgrade if you are upgrading from any older version as it will clean up old variables which the plugin used.


  • 1.3
    • Plugin name changed from Snap Preview Anywhere Plugin to Snap Shots Plugin in accordance with the name change of the service.
    • Code added to footer is now XHTML 1.1 compliant as well.
    • Blocks of Links behavior has been deprecated.
    • You can now set if you want only PreviewShots™ to be displayed
  • 1.2
    • Updated plugin for latest Snap Shots Update
    • You can now set options for a Link Icon, Theme, Blocks of Links behavior.
    • Let you visitors choose if they want to enable Snap Shots on your site or not.
    • Display a custom logo on the bubble (needs to be configured at the Snap Shots site)
  • 1.1
    • Fixes for internal links as per latest Snap Shots update
    • Added the option to disable Snap Shots on all links. You can add class="snap_shots" only on those links you wish to have the Snap Shots display on.
  • 1.0 – Release

To Do:

  • Ability to add domains you don’t want the preview to display on.
  • Widgetize the plugin.


Current Version is 1.3

I’ve spent a good deal of time and money developing and maintaining the plugin. If you like the plugin and find it useful and would like to donate something for my work please do click the Paypal Donate button below. The payment is secure. I haven’t filled in any amount. Feel free to donate what you please. Any amount is welcome. Thank you :)


All files and their contents are licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Questions or Bugs

Known Bugs

If you have any questions or would like to report any bugs then please use the support forum.


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