August 27th, 2008


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      现在几乎没有那个网站不用到Flash的,Flash Banner,Flash聚焦,Flash产品展示。几乎也没有哪台电脑每哟安装在线Flash播放器的,因为没有它就没有了网络了。

      现在图片技术和Flash技术的结合越来越密切了,于是出现Flash+Pic,(其实这也是www.FlashPic.cn这个网站产生的动机!)而且图片载入的速度不是问题了!Windows 推出的图片相册插件技术,也是间接标明这Flash+Pic的发展性!

      关于Flash相册程序,有很多种,最近我了解到的,像encrypt photo,就是一个不错的程序,可以自由地制作hide pictures

    上面一种是程序来着,如果说到XML+Flash,这个就是很不错的例子:Dynamic Xm Flash Gallery,预览:




   I love Flash very much, but I have not engaged in this area of work, perhaps it is not enough professional, perhaps just for love!

       But now with the network technology to continuously promote, Flash technology has continuously enhance! Perhaps more and more people use it, so Flash’s influence is increasing.

       Now almost all sites have used Flash, like Flash Banner, Flash Focus, Flash Products and so on.  Almost all computer  installed  the Flash player, because the network can not without it .

       Now picture technology and the integration of Flash technology are becoming closer and closer, so there Flash + Pic, (In fact, this also is  site’s motive!)

        And the speed of picture printed  is not a problem! The picture album launch Windows plug-in technology, but also indirectly indicate that the development of Flash + Pic!

       Flash procedures on the album, there are many, I recently learned, like encrypt photo, is a good program, free to produce hide pictures.

     Above is a program (soft),  adn I like a XML + Flash , this is a good example: Dynamic Xm Flash Gallery, preview:

     Welcome messages on the issue of Flash, Just for love!


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