December 20th, 2009

WP更新: WordPress 2.9正式版

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WP更新: WordPress 2.9正式版


      昨天看到WordPress官方开发博客的消息,WordPress 2.9 已经发布。

       WordPress是一个注重美学、易用性和网络标准的个人信息发布平台。WordPress虽为免费的开源软件,但其价值是无法用金钱来衡量。使用 WordPress 可以搭建功强大的网络信息发布平台,但更多的是应用于个性化的博客。



      2.9 provides the smoothest ride yet because of a number of improvements under the hood and more subtle improvements you’ll begin to appreciate once you’ve been around the block a few times. Here’s just a sampling:

  • We now have rel=canonical support for better SEO.
  • There is automatic database optimization support, which you can enable in your wp-config.php file by adding define(‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true);.
  • Themes can register “post thumbnails” which allow them to attach an image to the post, especially useful for magazine-style themes.
  • A new commentmeta table that allows arbitrary key/value pairs to be attached to comments, just like posts, so you can now expand greatly what you can do in the comment framework.
  • Custom post types have been upgraded with better API support so you can juggle more types than just post, page, and attachment. (More of this planned for 3.0.)
  • You can set custom theme directories, so a plugin can register a theme to be bundled with it or you can have multiple shared theme directories on your server.
  • We’ve upgraded TinyMCE WYSIWYG editing and Simplepie.
  • Sidebars can now have descriptions so it’s more obvious what and where they do what they do.
  • Specify category templates not just by ID, like before, but by slug, which will make it easier for theme developers to do custom things with categories — like post types!
  • Registration and profiles are now extensible to allow you to collect things more easily, like a user’s Twitter account or any other fields you can imagine.
  • The XML-RPC API has been extended to allow changing the user registration option. We fixed some Atom API attachment issues.
  • Create custom galleries with the new include and exclude attributes that allow you to pull attachments from any post, not just the current one.
  • When you’re editing files in the theme and plugin editors it remembers your location and takes you back to that line after you save. (Thank goodness!!!)
  • The Press This bookmarklet has been improved and is faster than ever; give it a try for on-the-fly blogging from wherever you are on the internet.
  • Custom taxonomies are now included in the WXR export file and imported correctly.
  • Better hooks and filters for excerpts, smilies, HTTP requests, user profiles, author links, taxonomies, SSL support, tag clouds, query_posts and WP_Query.
    All of this and more is reflected in the over 500 tickets, bugs, and enhancements that WP developers in this release cycle.



WordPress 2.9新增的一些特色功能
1. 垃圾回收站功能
后台的文章,页面和留言编辑面板里,增加了一个”Trash“选项。被Trash后的数据将进入回收站列表,然后可以选择恢复(Restore)或永久删除(Delete Permanently)。


2. 内置的图片编辑器
WordPress 2.9内置了一个图片编辑器,挺强大的。支持对图片的裁剪、顺/逆时针旋转和水平/垂直镜像图片翻转,并且,你可以选择对图片的编辑最终生效于该图片的所有尺寸、缩略图还是除缩略图以外的其它尺寸。

3. 批量插件更新功能

4. 更简易的视频嵌入功能


首先,它只支持一些国外比较热门的视频和图片网站,比如Youtube, Flickr, Vimeo等等。而该份列表里,有一半是国人无法正常访问的。

然后,使用这个功能时需要注意: 视频的URL地址应该写在单独的一行里,否则不会生效。不会你也可以使用短代码<embed>视频地址</embed>的形式来插入,这样不管代码是否写在单行,都会生效。



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