February 27th, 2009

Reverse Mortgage-杂谈逆按揭

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Reverse Mortgage-杂谈逆按揭


         American economic crisis broke out, then there are found a lot of economic problems.

        I don’t want to discuss the reasons for the economic crisis happened. Here I’m writing just want to talk about self-protection problem at the economic crisis.

        The recent news, Obama President of the United States announced in 2010 Budget outline of the United States economy is expected to shrink 1.2 percent this year, 3.2 percent growth in 2010. Obama Budget is also expected in 2009 the average unemployment rate was 8.1%.

         How can we do? Some people say that,Increase people’s income; ensure that the economic life of low-income people will not deteriorate; adjust benefits society must adhere to the principle of effectiveness.
          In addition to that of a problem: the reverse mortgage. Reverse mortgage, also named lifetime mortgages, is a way of loan to the old man. In simple terms, reverse mortgage with the bank thinking just the opposite.

             United States has a large number man of “house rich, cash poor” . Old people can put their house to bank, insurance company or other financial institution, which has access to a certain amount per month pension. In this way, to rely on real estate, old people can get a stable pension income to make up for the inadequacy of the pension.

          TodaysSeniors.com is a smart site about Reverse Mortgage, you can read more about medicare supplemental insurance .





         另外就的说到一个问题:逆按揭。逆按揭,又称终身抵押,是国外比较多的一种提供给老人的贷款。 简单地说,住房逆按揭与银行住房按揭的思路恰恰相反。



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    ha it is said that there will be a second economy crisis..

    best wishes …to all of people in the world.


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