May 31st, 2008

创意产品与创意玩具-Idea products and idea toys

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创意产品与创意玩具-Idea products and idea toys






        在这个外国的网站上,就有很多不错的玩具wholesale toys。“一些清仓(liquidators)的很多百货公司卖的名牌玩具。可以批发价格和分配给我们的客户广泛的世界。” 


      前几天看到的一款电子产品,很是推荐与大家分享创意。这是一款鼠标,但叫做USB手指鼠标(finger mouse)。







       Now the entire world with creativity as a selling point in recent example of the most vulnerable people think of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is the nest, water cubic meters, Xiangyun torch. This is just one aspect of the various sectors are creative. 
       All of a sudden thought of today’s innovative products and creative toys. Now in these small product design, creativity is a competitive advantage. 
         Now both children and adults in the toy or toys, are more and more beautiful! More and more content, creativity also higher than the past. 
         In this foreign site, there are many good toys, wholesale toys .”Merchandize liquidators is a leader in the Wholesale toys, and toy wholesale closeouts industry. We liquidate toys for many department stores and brand name manufactures. Our toys sold below wholesale price and distribute to our clients world wide. ”

        Now more and more innovative toys, perhaps the high-tech product. 
       A few days ago to see an electronic product, it is recommended to share with you creative. This is a mouse, but called USB mouse finger (finger mouse). 
      “Completely subvert the conventional finger wearable mouse. Special type retainer ring finger design, optical mice of the sensitive and smart appearance of design, not the space, wear on the finger, as well as typing, a notebook computer family, in particular, Long-term use of computers outside of the best friends the use of tools, in other words, can use the keyboard. “


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