April 7th, 2015

云主机的普及 – Popularity of cloud host

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The concept of cloud hosting has become increasingly common for everyone to accept in the last couple of years. In fact, I initially thought it was a new type of VPS,  and now let me see what is Cloud Hosting:

Cloud is a  hosting services of dedicated servers which provide hosting for websites on virtual servers which pull their computing resource from extensive underlying networks of physical web servers.

Cloud hosting is an important part of the cloud computing infrastructure applications in the cloud computing industry chain pyramid, products derived from cloud computing platform. The platform integrates the three core elements of Internet applications: computing, storage, networking, user-oriented public offer of Internet infrastructure services.

VPS Cloud Hosting is a similar host virtualization technology, VPS is the use of virtualization software, VZ or VM on a host virtual hosts a number of similar independent parts, can achieve a single multi-user, each part can be done alone The operating system and management methods with the same host. Cloud hosting is on a set of virtual cluster master host a number of similar independent parts, the cluster has a mirror on each host cloud host, thus greatly improving the security and stability of the virtual host, unless all of the cluster All hosts have problems, cloud hosting will be inaccessible.

Cloud hosting abroad may be more popular, which is a new direction can replace existing servers.

Recently, due to the sales agent host’s sake, cloud hosting sales up more slowly, relatively speaking, more advantages than the VPS.

  • 1, better price: brand servers, zero down payment, zero deposit, zero maintenance, monthly payments on a monthly basis using the same lower price performance.
  • 2, High reliability: Hosting support multi-level backup and recovery, including backup machine, system backup and application backup.
  • 3. Security: from a hardware level fault isolation and security platform built-in ARP attack protection, and large-scale promotion distributed anti-DDOS attack.
  • 4. More custom servers, elastic computing platform: When a user needs to change the configuration, without any of the systems, the environment and data to make any changes, you can achieve rapid expansion of host configuration, and there are more server inventory.

With the upgrading of storage technology, I believe cloud host will be more diverse, more and more popular.



云主机是云计算在基础设施应用上的重要组成部分,位于云计算产业链金字塔底层,产品源自云计算平台。该平台整合了互联网应用三大核心要素:计算、存储、网络,面向用户提供公用化的互联网基础设施服务。云主机是一种类似VPS主机的虚拟化技术, VPS是采用虚拟软件,VZ或VM在一台主机上虚拟出多个类似独立主机的部分,能够实现单机多用户,每个部分都可以做单独的操作系统,管理方法同主机一样。 而云主机是在一组集群主机上虚拟出多个类似独立主机的部分,集群中每个主机上都有云主机的一个镜像,从而大大提高了虚拟主机的安全稳定性,除非所有的集群内主机全部出现问题,云主机才会无法访问。



  • 1、更优价格:品牌服务器、零首付、零押金、零维护,按月支付按月使用,同等性能价格更低。
  • 2、高可靠性:主机服务支持多级的备份与恢复,包括备机、系统备份与应用备份。
  • 3、安全性:从硬件级别上实现故障和安全性的隔离,平台内置ARP攻击防护能力,分布式和规模化提升防DDOS攻击能力。
  • 4、更多自定义属性,弹性计算平台:用户对配置需求发生变化时,无需任何对系统、环境和数据做任何变更,即可实现主机配置的快速扩容,有更多库存准备着。




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      Cloud SSD servers are super fast and provide 99.99% uptime and so much better than shared servers.

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